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November 17, 2006

First Annual Christmas-For-Orphans fund drive

This has been an exciting, yet difficult year for our partner ministries in India.  The exciting news is  four new orphanages are being build, sponsored by World Orphans, . These new concrete homes will allow our present homes to expand and to be secure from the annual monsoons and cyclones that devastate the area every year.  Most of the homes are thatch roof and mud walls. This year saw the worst floods in 100 years. To help the children celebrate their new homes, we decided to sponsor gift packages similar to the boxes that some churches are sending worldwide, for only a fraction of the usual cost. All funds go directly to purchase items for the child, no overhead, no shipping, and the children get items appropriate for their situation.

We are providing these gifts for 200 children in homes run by five of our ministries.  For $5 a child, they get personal items like toothbrush, shampoo and soap, plus a toy.  For an additional $5, each child gets a new dress or pants/shirt.  

We are also providing Christmas dinners (at 88 cents/person!!).  Friends and village neighbors come to enjoy the celebration, to hear the gospel, and to have a good meal. These come from the poorest of the poor.  Many lost homes, food, jobs, everything, in cyclone Ogni. 
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 Cyclone Ogni, Oct-Nov 2006

 This family is standing on the ground amidst the remains of their home.  They are surrounded by stagnant flood waters with mosquitoes and disease.  They lost everything in the flood and the father was seriously injured.  They are agricultural workers.  All the fields and crops were destroyed, so they have no income to rebuild their home, to buy food, medicines or clothes.

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 Orphanages sponsored by World Orphans

There are four orphanages being built.  Their completion has been delayed by months-long floods this year.  Many of the orphans are in temporary quarters, their other homes were destroyed or made uninhabitable. 


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