Where We Work





 AIDSFAM partners with local community leader to support development programs in Haiti.  

AIDSFAM has many projects in India since we started in 2005.                          

AIDSFAM partners with local community leaders in Haiti to support development programs in the following priorities:

  • Give access to education to all the child whose financial resources are lacking
  • Give a dish hot every day to children
  • Distribute d drinking water to children and their parents
  • Provide a service of health database
  • Increase conventional supplies (quality, quantity) distribution
  • Create other classrooms as well as the increase in staff.

AIDSFAM has many projects in India since we started in 2005. Our focus has been working with the poor, both in rural villages and urban areas of major cities.  We have concentrated primarily in Andhra Pradesh including Hyderabad, Vijaywada, Guntur,Repalle and surrounding villages.

Christmas in India

AIDSFAM has been giving Christmas programs in India since 2006. Children get gift baskets of useful items, clothes and toys, Pastors get new clothes and a thank-you dinner, Widows get new clothes and other needed items. Programs are conducted in villages where AIDSFAM-KCDS works. These programs feature local and state guest speakers, local pastors and church leaders,  and include gospel outreach, food served to families and others in the village.

Christmas in India